About Bag O’ Doo

The Bag O’ Doo is a revolutionary new way to carry your dog’s messes without the embarrassment or frustration of plastic baggies!

Don’t let your dog’s poop ruin your day any longer!¬†Whether you’re at the lake, on your favorite hike, or taking your dog for a walk at the park, The Bag O’ Doo is the #1 way to carry your dog’s #2! Our hands free and stylish product is designed for avid dog enthusiasts, by avid dog enthusiasts! It conceals odors and provides a discrete place to store those little (or big) messes that every pet owner has to deal with at one time or another!

  • Bag O’ Doos are made in the USA
  • Uniquely and easily attach to any leash, bicycle, and stroller
  • 100% Nylon
  • Hands free
  • Conceals odor
  • Stylish
  • Machine washable
  • Promotes a clean environment
  • You can even customize your Bag O’ Doo with your pet’s name and jewels!!!

Visit our online shop today to order one for your dog! We also provide additional disposable bags at a very reasonable price. Check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updated product information, sales, and news about special events! Thanks and we hope you enjoy!

Letter from the Bag O’ Doo Creator

Growing up in a family of pet enthusiasts, I have always had a passion and love for dogs. My life has always revolved around dogs in some capacity, whether that be taking in strays and giving them a safe place to live or raising my own.

We have two wonderful pups: Baxter, a rambunctious Boston Terrier, and Cosmo our affectionate Vizsla. They can do no wrong… well, okay, sometimes they can! My passion has been a dedication to keeping them healthy with nutritious meals, lots of exercise and plenty of play time! I believe dogs are a gift and should be spoiled rotten! After all, they are a family member!

The creation of Bag O’ Doo was inspired during our walks around the neighborhood and popular trails. It was during those awkward moments when I would run into a client or colleague while having just cleaned up after my pup. A hot smelly bag of poop has a way of stinking up a friendly conversation. And so the moral question always arose, “do I or don’t I pick it up?” I would say to myself, “no one saw Baxter and Cosmo do their business so, to avoid embarrassment of walking around with it, should I pick it up?” Well, in spite of the awkwardness, I always did! I’m not only a dog lover but a lover of a clean environment as well! I couldn’t help but wonder if others walking their dog felt the same way. I mean, who likes to carry around a bag of poop anyway? Ummm…. no one! So the journey began….

At first, I made Bag O’ Doos for myself and then for my friends and family. I felt a sense of relief while walking down the street and not advertising that my precious pooch just pooped. The feedback was unanimous. Everyone using the bag felt the same sense of relief! I then realized that anyone who walks and picks up after their dog would want one! Plus, my dog’s poop should be carried in a stylish bag to show how much we worship them and the ground they walk on!

Four years later, with the support from my wonderful family of two amazingly beautiful sisters, my brother, my wonderful parents who still love to tell me what to do, my loving husband, and of course the best friends you could ever ask for, the Bag O’ Doo is now ready to be spread around the world for everyone to enjoy. I love and appreciate you all!

Marianne and Baxter